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  • “The UCKG HelpCentre is where I found a new beginning.I was completely healed from the misalignment in my body, and I no longer suffer from colds and flu.I have been completely set from the stuttering, and I overcame my shyness, fears and inferiority complexes.

    Now my life is much better and I have a bright future ahead of me.”

    Satish Kumar


    “If it wasn’t for the UCKG HelpCecntre, I would still be living a life filled with alcohol addiction, depression and bad friendships. Through attending the UCKG HelpCentre, I received help and advice in the areas I was struggling with and managed to overcome addiction. Now my life is much better, I’m happy.”

    Vijay Kumar


    “I highly recommend the UCKG HelpCentre to everyone. When I first came, I was at point of death with the final stage of Tuberculosis. I was without hope, through the help, advice and prayers, I was healed.” Today I’m alive and well.”

    Vijay Babu

  • “Since attending the UCKG HelpCentre, my life has completely changed. I had a low self esteem, always felt lost and unable to achieve anything. Today, things are so much brighter! I am a successfulman and I have a family. If you are in need of help or even just need someone to talk to, this is the place.”

    Vijay Prasad

  • “Today I’m a mother: but before coming to the UCKG HelpCentre, I was unable to conceive. After receiving the prayers and advise; I put into practise and today have a beautiful baby girl.”

    Shela Prasad

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