One of the first mistakes that we make in life is comparing ourselves… this begins from our childhood. You look at your classmate and her doll has a pink bow, but your doll doesn’t even have a bow, and that’s where a true torment begins, you look at her and see everything she has that you don’t.

We grow up with this habit. And to make matters worse, people around us also do this with us… you could invest more in your studies like I did at your age, care more for your home like your cousin, be less shy like your sister, and so on.

From there you become a teenager and everything around you has this rhythm of comparison. If you don’t buy something you’re practically E. T. Who do you compare yourself to? It’s usually with the girls who are not even there for you but, the whole world speaks about them. And soon, comparisons start taking place with people who don’t even know you exist… celebrities, models, singers, famous people, you tuber’s, and bloggers.

You come into adulthood with a list of who you are not and do not have. It’s obvious that the conclusion of this whole personal “report” is that you have nothing good about yourself. #sosad

How about ending the habit of comparing yourself in this new year of 2018?

But indeed, O man, who are you to reply against God? Will the thing formed say to him who formed it, “Why have you made me like this?” Romans 9:20

Learn to value yourself, no need to compare, and also appreciate yourself! This has happened a lot through the Therapy of Love… join us every Thursday


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