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“I suffered from complexes and had many inner issues, with this, also came shyness and anxiety. I always looked at others with envy; they seemed so bold I desired to be like them.

I recall the first session of the Course as if it were yesterday. The introduction was very strong. They spoke about flaws and qualities. These words remained with me: “No child is born shy… This kind of negative behaviour is a result of adverse life circumstances.”
Those words gave me hope, I chose to believe that I could also change. I learnt that I had the power to choose who I wanted to be, which is a strong, confident, virtuous woman.

From there, I decided to really dig deep, that is, I had to deal with feelings within myself that I didn’t want to deal with. It was a battle, but the transformation took place when I was sincere with God. I surrendered the shyness, complexes, and anxieties to Him, and from then on, He started moulding and changing me. I started pushing myself out of my comfort zone and I humbled myself to break the shyness and complexes.

Today I am completely transformed. Sometimes I look at myself in the mirror and I don’t believe it’s really me. Everything seemed so impossible, but when I made the decision to be the person God created me to be and allowed Him to mould me, He came and gave me a new identity. I’m so grateful for the Self-Awareness Course. Without it, I don’t know where I would be.” – Dorcas-Luiza


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