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Blood Donation Camp

The UCKG Help centre organized a blood donation camp along with Lions Blood Bank and Research Centre. The voluntary donors who supported us on this camp and donated blood were happy to contribute to this purpose of saving lives.

Leprosy Hospital

In this opportunity, the volunteers of UCKG offered some gifts with affection and love to those who felt depressed and rejected. We also had the sessions of singing joyful songs, playing fun filled games with some healthy tips. It was a remarkable day indeed, since many of them were happy, not only of the gifts but mainly they met someone who could give a listening ears to them. Waiting to create another remarkable day in some more lives...

Safe India Orphanage

The UCKG HelpCentre visited the children's orphanage; provided provisions, snacks, chocolates etc. It was our pleasure to bring smiles on the faces of the little children. They gladly welcomed us and were excited with the fun day we put together for them. It was truly an amazing experience.

Love Walk

A special day for married couple, engaged and those who are dating. They had a great opportunity to spend a wonderful day with their partner. "The Love Walk" for the first time in India.