Apostasy of faith

Apostasy of faith

As each new year starts, the coming of Our Lord gets closer. For this reason, we have witnessed the falling away from the faith hastening in the life of those who once experienced the joy of the salvation of their souls.

During the time of the apostles, the Holy Spirit already warned about the period we are living in today.

At the time, He said:

…in latter times some will depart from the faith, giving heed to deceiving spirits and doctrines of demons. 1 Timothy 4.1

Apostasy means to abandon the faith.

This has happened on a large scale because the faith that once delivered them from death became laid-back and was replaced by obedience to deceiving spirits.

It is clear that the deceiving spirits used “brothers,” men moved by envy, to divert beginners.

My advice for those who are beginning in the faith, who were delivered by faith, who won by faith, who were reborn by faith, never abandon this faith!

Do not get carried away by the many beautiful words or persuasive emotion-filled messages.

Whatever it takes, my dear friend, never leave the faith that once gave you life!

Because your Salvation depends on it…


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