Day 2 of the Fast of Daniel

Day 2 of the Fast of Daniel

It’s no use!

It’s no use being religious.

It’s no use being an active church member.

It’s no use having the title of an assistant, pastor, bishop or whatever else it may be.

It’s no use being a tither and loyal offering giver.

It’s no use to fulfill all of your duties.

It’s no use to praise God.

It’s no use knowing the Bible well.

It’s no use to be well married.

It’s no use having a higher education, having a postgraduate, being successful, rich and having the world at your feet.

None of this matters unless you are born of the Spirit of God.

He is the only One that produces spiritual nature. This is, a godly nature.

Satan is a spirit.

How can you overcome him, when you are not a spirit?

How can you overcome an evil spirit, when you are not a good spirit?

How can you overcome the spirits of darkness, when you are not a spirit of Light?

Only those who are born of God conquer the world and hell.

For this reason, during this Fast of Daniel, we are doing a serious spiritual cleansing. This is a Fast of any and all secular information: TV, Internet, newspapers, magazines, radio; this is, everything that is not of God.

An audiovisual abstinence from all the garbage of this world.

During the Fast, the Spirit of the Lord will descend upon all of those who participate with sincerity.


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