Day 5 of the Fast of Daniel

Day 5 of the Fast of Daniel

Action of the Spirit in Guatemala


As you know, the crime rate in Guatemala is high, and because of this, many live in fear, some criminals have even come into our churches to threaten the pastors, but thank God they have never done anything.

Seven months ago, six armed men entered one of our churches and wanted to steal the car, threatening also to invade the pastor’s house because he lived on the floor above the church, but nothing happened. A couple of days ago, the same church, but now with a new pastor, was visited by the same heavily armed robbers again. They barged in saying they knew another pastor was there and they had warned they’d be back to take everything, because if the church changed pastors to try to avoid the robbery, it wasn’t going to work!

But the pastor’s reaction was hilarious, because he said to the robbers:

“Look, if you want to take everything from here, you can, but you’re stealing from God. Have you stolen anything from Him before?

Then one of the robbers replied:

“Yes pastor, I have and things didn’t go well!”

The pastor said:

“Look, did you know that I go down to the prison every week to pray for your friends?”

The robber replied:

“I didn’t know that! Really?”

Then he started asking the pastor questions, such as the name of the prisoners, the name of the prison guards, etc., just to see if the pastor was truly going there.

They left, but returned the next day. Again, the six armed men arrived at the church and were welcomed by the pastor. Their leader said:

“Look, we checked to see if it was true that you were going to the prison to pray for our friends, and we found out it’s true. Some of them even asked us not to harm this church and to take care of you, because you are really men of God!

Look how strong, Bishop!

One of them said:

“We’re not going to steal anything, but like many vendors, and even other churches, you’re going to pay us a monthly amount so we won’t rob your church!”

The pastor replied:

– Man, I can’t and I won’t give you anything. I don’t have anything. Everything here belongs to God!

The robbers were amazed at the pastor’s courage and said:

– People said that this church is different and it actually is. There are a lot of churches paying us out of fear and you’re not even afraid of us… Well, okay then! We’re going to protect you; no one around here will touch you!

And the pastor said,

“God is the One that protects us!”

The robber then said:

– All right, pastor! Then donate some clothes to me.

The pastor arranged for them to return another day to pick up the clothes donation!

It is very strong, bishop, because criminals work a lot with “extortion” here. They threaten store owners, bus drivers and even churches, and if they don’t pay a monthly fee, they kill them. And they really kill people here, bishop! Every day there is news of murders that happened for this reason throughout the country, but look how our God and the work in the prison makes all the difference.

It’s only been recent that we’ve formally began the work in the prison, because they were placing many obstacles in our path, but thanks to God we have achieved and look at the result! We sow for heaven and reap here on earth!

Very strong!


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