I just want to be happy

That phrase is in movies, serials, soap operas, social networks, videos. So, in fact, it became a religion

You may have heard or said this phrase many times. She is in movies, serials, soap operas, social networks, videos. Out there, in fact, it became a religion. People faithfully believe that the important thing is to be happy and, for that, they cannot think of anyone else. They come first, second and third, whatever the cost, donate to anyone who hurts, frustrate and disappoint anyone.

That’s how many children are growing up without mom, because she really wants to grow in her career, make a lot of money, show off beauty and travel a lot, and therefore she doesn’t have time to educate or take care of children. One day, the child was a reason for her to be happy, but after that phase of the little pictures of the belly, the little room, and the clothes, it was enough.

This is how many husbands are being betrayed, because the wife really wanted to feel attractive, and the “Ricardão” from work makes her feel that way. He makes her feel wanted, something that hubby doesn’t do as well anymore. And she hates routine, wants adventure and the danger of experiencing an extramarital relationship like the “little guy in the soap opera”.

This is how many families have become intruders inside their own home, because everyone just wants to live their own privacy, keeping an eye on a cell phone screen. They hate reality, they want the virtual, the little world in which everyone can be who they always wanted to be, do everything they always wanted to do, say everything they always wanted to say, condemn, judge, hate, curse. All in the name of the “right of expression” (even if using a false profile) and still breaking, having the attention you always wanted, without having to be who you are. Throw the truth in the trash. It is fashionable to be who you are not!

It’s because you just want to be happy.

However, be happy by what criteria? Certainly not God’s criteria, as this is pure self-centeredness. Nor by the criteria of a society, since it also requires respect and discipline …

Deep down, you want to feel happy. And for you to feel happy, you have to please your heart. Therefore, your happiness is within its criteria, and without knowing it, you are doing the will of your number one enemy. Congratulations.

“ The heart is deceitful, above all things, and perverse; who will know him? ” Jeremiah 17: 9

Now I ask: how can someone as deceitful, perverse and corrupt as the heart deserves so much of you?

If you want to be happy, then stop thinking that for that you need to FEEL, because this is how you fit into the criteria of your number one enemy. Or do you think he wants to see you happy?

I am happy, not because I am happy, but because I am HAPPY. My happiness comes from inside me, so I don’t need anything on the outside to make me feel anything. And my enemy has no say in the decisions I make in my life. Therefore, I do what is right before God, even if, at times, it goes against what I want. And do you know how He rewards me? Making me even happier.

In faith.

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