People who accidentally curse themselves

You don’t touch, you don’t talk, you don’t hurt, you don’t hinder, you don’t condemn, you don’t point your finger at a chosen one of God

Many people do not realize how much they curse themselves. It is money that never makes ends meet, it is health that never stabilizes, it is constant emotional instability, it is a relationship that never works, and even faith that is always low. Usually, these people conclude that their problems are part of life, but is it really? Or are they being cursed and don’t even know it?

From the moment you touch someone who has a covenant with God, the type of Abraham, that is, life, you touch the apple of God’s eyes. It doesn’t matter if you touched on ignorance, because of fake news, gossip, rumors or a misunderstanding. Conscious or not, whoever touches or speaks, or in any way harms a chosen one of God, will take care of it with God.

It happened to Abimelech and his whole household when he took Sarah for himself. Abraham had said that she was his sister and the king obviously saw nothing wrong with taking her to his harem. Soon after that, a plague settled in his palace and everyone was sterile. God then appeared in a dream to Abimelech and warned him that if he did not return Sara, in addition to that plague, he and his entire family would die. And not only that, in addition to having to return Sarah, I would have to ask Abraham to pray for him!

Abimelech responded by saying that Abraham had deceived him. Would God punish a just nation for that? And look how cool, God said that’s why He didn’t let Abimelech touch Sarah, that is, the king had taken her to the harem, but God hadn’t allowed him to touch her, otherwise, surely, everyone would die for that. After Abimelech returned Sarah and asked Abraham to plead for him, knowing that he was dealing with someone extremely important to God, “he took sheep and cows, servants and servants” and gave them to Abraham to make up for any embarrassment. In other words, in addition to asking for forgiveness, he asked for prayer, he still made up for it!

You don’t touch, you don’t talk, you don’t hurt, you don’t get in the way, you don’t condemn yourself, you don’t point your finger at a chosen one of God, because whoever does that, does it against God Himself. Take the example of Noah’s son, who exposed his father’s nakedness and was cursed, not only his whole life, but that of all his descendants.

Did Noah make a mistake by getting drunk in the vineyard? Wrong. Abraham erred in omitting that his sister was also his wife? Wrong. When a chosen one of God makes a mistake, it is God who deals with him. Did you see a servant of God sin? Don’t expose him to someone who can’t help you, but take the situation to someone who can help you, and LET GOD deal with it. Your part is to help and nothing more.

In faith.

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