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Feast of Purim - 2014

Feast of Purim is celebrated in remembrance of the victory of the people of God over the Persian king, through Queen Esther. We celebrated this day by dressing up in costumes, songs, and dance as a symbol of merrymaking. On this day, the women were given the message that God is faithful to all His people. And when moved by faith, He turns bad situations into blessings.

Old Age Home Visit - 2014

UCKG Volunteers offered free manicure, pedicure, facial and other services, conducted games and gave a motivational speech in order for the elders to come out of their worries, depression and to have a hope in their lives. This brought them a great sense of joy and peace and they were delighted receiving these services.

Night Angel - Flood 2015

"Night Angels" work day and night to help people affected by heavy rains in Chennai. The "Night Angels" worked very hard this last Saturday December 5th, 2015 to deliver food to the people affected by heavy rains in Chennai, City in the South of India. The Night Angels started the activities at 7 am on Saturday and they only finished the next day Sunday at 00:30. The local communities who received help, were satisfied and appreciated the work done by us.

Power of the Cross Event - 2015

On 3rd April,2015, Good Friday, many people joined us to see God's power in their lives. They were given prayers and direction that God is not dead and by using faith in Him, they could be successful in all areas of their lives.

Preparation for the Power of the Cross Event - 2015

The invitation for the Power of the Cross event was given to the people. They were given an opportunity to participate and to experience the power of God in their lives. We welcomed people, for them to learn on how to use their faith, in order to put an end to their suffering.

Community Social Work - 2015

The UCKG HelpCentre gave back to the community through free facials, hair cuts, manicures, free testing of the blood pressure etc, The people were very overwhelmed and grateful.

The Day of Divine Power - 2016

On Tuesday,October 11th, the "The Day of Divine Power Event" was held in Chennai, India. An event of great miracles and power, such as healing and deliverance, where a large crowd could experience the power of the God of the Bible. The event was held by Pr. Alvaro Lima. That was the first time Pastor Alvaro had been in India. His mission was to manifest God's power in the country. People were using their faith and there were many testimonies of healing and deliverance. At the end of the event, people had a great chance also to experience the true peace given by the living God. They learned that God is able to save their lives through repentance. The prayer for forgiveness of sins was carried out and as well the use of the authority to bring peace to all the guests present in the event. Once again, the God of the Bible was glorified in India.

Preparation for the Day of Divine Power Event - 2016

The invitations for the "Day of Divine Power Event" were given to the people, where they were offered a chance to participate and to receive the anointed oil. And also to experience freedom from their sufferings such as healing and other problems. We welcomed people, for them to learn on how to use their faith, in order to put an end to their suffering.

Stop Suffering Event - 2017

A remarkable event with the presence of Bishop Renato Cardoso and Bishop Domingos Siqueira. A day to never forget, when the Chennaiites had the chance to see great miracles and deliverance through the Mighty Hand of the true and only God, the Lord Jesus Christ. Many shared about their experiences, and testified miracles and deliverance done by God in their lives.