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YPG Revolution Event - 2014

YPG provides support in building the individual and give capacity to the youths by helping them to identify their skills, creativity and to value. We conducted the "YPG Revolution Event" where the youths were given an opportunity to participate, socialize and to become a part of our group. Our youth group exhibited their talents like dance, skits and singing which encouraged the viewers to be engaged with us. All were excited and the whole event was a blessing to the youth in Chennai.

YPG Revolution Event 2014

Our YPG group were on the streets to invite other youth to be apart of the special event "Revolution". The group attracted the youth of the communities by sharing their joy and excitement through dance, playing drums etc. The youth were encouraged to join us for that great event and were also called to receive a word which can change their perspective about their lives.

YPG Where are You going? Event 2014

YPG is always concerned with nurturing personal growth of each youth and so always comes up with special events periodically. One such event was " Where are you going?". Our aim was to show that in order to make a change, young people need to be honest about how their lives were and had to have the courage to face up to the problems that take away their true happiness. They came to know about our group which helps the youths like them, by offering activities to challenge themselves.

YPG - Life's Worth Living Event

YPG responds to the Nations need by providing social awareness and periodically responded to the need of young people. Our nation had one of the highest rates in suicide of people aged between 15-29. In 2017,totally 9,905 youth committed suicide in our country. So, YPG organized a rally "The Awareness of Suicide" thereby creating awareness among youths. YPG offered their hands to our youths in building their confidence and provided support for them to have hope in their life. We were reaching out to people who were affected and gave counseling to those who needed our help.