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Pre Teen Force Event - 2013

Nowadays, teenagers are not taken seriously by their families. They are considered as children and their adolescence phase is often not under their parent's attention. As they are the next generation, the Pre Teen Force group, organised a special day for the teenagers in Chennai. A special day for the teenagers having fun and performing activities like dance,skit, singing, participating in games. Also they were given a direction for their future and on how to handle this phase of adolescence wisely. Specific care and attention was given to each teen.

Pre Teen Force Outing - 2014

The best thing about being a teenager were the idea of enjoying the freedom of youth. They were enjoying this golden period between childhood and adulthood, where they can have lots of fun with their friends without yet having to worry about financial pressures. Making friends is an art. And it is very important to make right friendships. Concerning this, a fun day was arranged for the teenagers in the park, where they were exposed to an opportunity to make good friendships. They were having great fun and having lunch together with their new friends. It was an memorable day for us.

A Special day for Pre Teen Force - 2014

Many Indian teens are compared with the other by their parents, neighbors and relatives. Though it seems common, its effects are dangerous.The pressure of getting good marks makes them frustrated and to be isolated. This affects their inner self, leading them not to recognize their self-worth, and developing inferiority complexes. So, on this summer vacation, the Pre Teen Force arranged a special day for the teenagers where they received guidance to recognize their self-worth and to be free from their complexes. They received gifts as well, along with the performances like dance, singing from Pre Teen Force group.

Pre Teen Force - 2014

A special dance performance made by our Pre Teen Force group for their parents, showing their personal growth after joining our group in the sense of overcoming their shyness to exhibit their talents.

C.B.C - Kids Zone Event 2014

Teaching kids is an art, and changing and funny activities is the best way to keep them motivated and to be interested in learning. So, a special party was arranged for our C.B.C children in order to build up their faith. By introducing children's most lovable cartoon character, making up stories based on faith and delivered to them in order to not forget and to practice what they had learnt at home.The children enjoyed so much and had fun with the activities like games, dance, etc.,

C.B.C - Kids Zone Event 2015

A fun day for our C.B.C. children where they participated in reasoning games and activities. The children who attended enjoyed a rich array of entertainments from skit to the dance performed by a group of teenagers. Many of them left with little hands full of balloons, party bags and prizes.


A child's faith builds up overtime with our proper care and attention towards them. Outbursts, tantrums, nagging, teasing, and other annoying behaviors of children are the results of not giving proper attention to them. CBC is the Children’s Biblical Centre, which looks after children up to the age of ten while their parents attend meetings at UCKG Help Centres. It is run by trained volunteers, who adhere to our strict Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy.Our C.B.C. group helps our children by providing them constant care, attention and support in order to build their faith, so that they may have a successful future.