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Church Services

People attending UCKG services where they learn how to use their faith and how to pray effectively inorder to achieve what they want in their lives. They also receive guidance and support on how to improve their way of life in all the aspects. Above all, we provide spiritual advice which is much needed to be close to God and directs them to invest in their spiritual growth achieving Salvation. All are welcome regardless of age, gender, background or beliefs.

Children’s Expo

The UCKG Help Centre presented a wonderful expo for our children, for them to be filled with loads of fun and joy. Many beautiful and colorful performances were done by the children, along with the exhibition about the stories in the Bible. In addition to that Jumping castles, Exciting Games, Free Cotton Candies, Popcorns and Cartoon Characters - all together made that day as a remarkable and joyful day for the children from that Community. The Expo was organized with the permission and collaboration of that Community’s Leader, who at the end registered a thanksgiving speech on the stage to the UCKG HelpCentre and it’s Volunteers for the beautiful expo. About 260 children were participated and benefited through this expo. This was not only an expo which brought smile on faces of many children and great joy to the parents, but it was been an another opportunity for the UCKG to reach those who are in need. Adding joy and happiness to the life of little ones means a lot to us and we will continue to spread this happiness.

Caleb (Outing & Pageant)

The Caleb group is a group that work to bring love and care for the elders that sometimes are forgotten in the society .The UCKG Helpcentre works together with its volunteers to bring comfort and love for the elderly. This group also provides help and support to seniors through social activities, outings and help at home and other tasks.

Caleb Outing 2015

Caleb Group in India visited the Museum at Marina Beach.

VYG - Help Event

The VYG host a special event fighting against suicide, anxiety, depression etc. Giving hope to those who felt lost, through special counselling sessions. Encouraging those who were affected that there's a way out.