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Hospital Visit

The Hospital group volunteers visited the hospital to lessen the burden of illness on patients and their families by extending the hand of friendship and support to them. They also provide them company and a listening ear. Their regular visits to hospitals, hospices, nursing homes or their own homes will also help their family to have a hope on the recovery of the patient as soon as possible.

Night Angels

The Night Angels is a group of volunteers from the UCKG Helpcentre who dedicate their time to help those in need. People who are usually despised and overlooked by society are offered a helping hand and are taught that a life is never too broken to be rebuilt.

Leprosy Village

The community leader of the Leprosy Villiage welcomed us with great excitement in order to bring to their precious children loads of Joy, Fun and love which was shared by the Volunteers of the UCKG HelpCentre on that very special day. The special party made to those children brought a great happiness among that society since majority of the people and parents were affected with Leprosy. Still that didn’t stop the volunteers of UCKG to make that few hours of that day remarkable in the life of those special people and the little ones.



Women Meeting

House Meeting