The other side of the story

Popular sayings hide real spiritual pitfalls. know more

The Word is one of the strongest tools that exists, capable of killing or raising, freeing or enslaving, directing to life or death. It is through it that God has done wonders both in the past and today! The Word of God has opened our eyes to see beyond what they see, to hear beyond what they say, and to believe beyond what we feel. And just as God has used the Word, so has the devil, more than ever!

Today, through social networks, the devil has caused doubts, dissensions, rebellions, hatred, a real chaos, not only between people and people, but between the human being and everything that is divine. And one of the most astute ways the devil has done this is through expressions that apparently seem to make perfect sense like “what matters is to be happy”, or “it’s never too late” or, recently, the famous “has always another side of the story ”. Sayings that do not come from reason, but from a manipulated feeling so that the person can sin, without realizing it.

When you believe that what matters is to be happy, you will discard everything that is right and fair and do what needs to be done to make you feel happy, even if it means ending a family, taking a man of God from the Altar, and win at the expense of theft and corruption. Those who say “it’s never too late” forget that it was too late for everyone in hell today howling in pain … and what about those who fill their mouths to say that there is always another side to the story? Let’s go then…

Wasn’t that how the snake deceived Eve right there in the garden of Eden? She proposed “another side of the story”. Since then, the human being has not only accepted to believe, he does not want to trust, but rather to distrust, to doubt, to be left behind for everything that concerns God. It’s just some dissident speaking ill of the Church and there are people who want to know “the other side of the story”, as if there were one.

The fact that you want to know the other side of the story only says this: you don’t believe. I don’t need to know the other side of the story of God, the Bible, the Church, leadership, or those that God has used so much to bless me. The side I see is enough for me and that is what I will believe. From the moment I want to see the other side, I will be listening to the snake, and you already know the rest of the story.

People who like to raise other sides of the story do not deserve our ears. Remember those who made a golden calf? They let themselves be carried away by the other side of the story. When Moses came down from Mount Sinai and saw that absurdity, he said: “Whoever belongs to the Lord, come to me. Then all the sons of Levi were joined to him. ” Ex 32:26

Whoever did not join him died. Do you know how many died at once? 3 thousand!

So there is another side. There is only one side, the side of God. Who is His is on this side, who is not is talking about the various other sides that say they exist out there. Go on their wave and see where you end up.

In faith.

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