Why aren’t we perfect?

See what the Bible says about perfection

“I am Almighty God, walk in my presence and be perfect.” Genesis 17: 1

So, it is possible to be perfect! Just walk in the presence of God, but how do you do this every day, every hour? There it is: it is almost impossible, not because God makes it difficult, but because we have inclinations that lead us to leave His presence.

It is very common, after a hard day, even within the Work of God, that the servant of God wants to “rest”. And there is nothing wrong with that, except the way we normally rest, which is not the most appropriate. Do we see this when we are on Daniel’s Fast and get away from information and all kinds of entertainment in the world, and how do we usually rest? Looking for a Christian movie to watch. I mean, we want to rest on an outsourced basis, as if someone could provide us with the mental rest we need so much. Only not. During the time of that Christian film, we were not resting, but entertaining ourselves.

Entertainment has been the biggest source of distraction in recent times and, because it doesn’t always look bad, we accept it as a way to relax. What we do not always conclude is what he leads us to do: which is to leave the presence of God. This is very clear when it happens between people, when you are with someone who is on mobile all the time. She may be there by your side, but you know that she is not with you. It is the same with God. He is there, but are you in His presence?

To be in the presence of God is not to be on your knees praying all day, but to be in the spirit of prayer. Of course, we have a lot of work to do on the day, but that doesn’t mean we can’t be in the spirit. The problem is that, deep down, we think we already know everything, which is why we do not always include God in our daily lives … and that is also why we are not perfect.

In faith.

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