Why did you do that? Because I wanted to!

I recently saw a post by a certain aspirant to fame showing her nudity and already condemning anyone who questioned her why the post. But she is not the only one. Have you noticed how it is more and more common for people to value and even romanticize their will above judgment? If everyone starts to have the right to do whatever they want without any regard for their neighbor, we will live in a real chaos in this world!

Just to give you an idea of ​​how harmful this line of thought is, just imagine you going for a walk with your child and suddenly seeing two people having sex in the middle of the street. Or go out to dinner with your husband and see someone get up from the table and go pee in the corner of the restaurant. Because? Because they wanted to, period.

No, sorry, but that answer is unacceptable. Everything you do you need to explain why, yes, after all, there is a reason behind it. There is a reason why I wrote this post and here it goes: don’t fall for this wave that you can do everything you want! Consider the people around you, consider your children, your parents, your husband or future husband, and consider God above all. Beware of the freedom you have in Jesus and don’t use it to shame Him.

“Because you, brothers, have been called to freedom. Do not then use your freedom to give occasion to the flesh, but serve one another out of love. ” Galatians 5:13

In faith.

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